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Regenexx® Stem Cell and Platelet Procedures Treat Bursitis, Hip Injuries, Arthritis, and Other Degenerative Conditions

Those who suffer from hip ailments as a result of arthritis, bursitis, osteonecrosis, common injuries, avascular necrosis or other hip joint degeneration may be able to find relief without surgery. Regnexx offers alternatives to surgery in the form of cutting-edge stem cell treatments.

These stem cell and blood platelet procedures work by extracting the patient’s own stem cells and blood, processing and concentrating them and reinjecting them into the hip where the pain and damage are located. As a result of this same-day procedure, the body's natural healing powers will be enhanced.

Hip Patient Outcome Data

This infographic displays data collected from patients who received stem cell treatments to relieve their hip arthritis.

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Commonly Treated Hip Conditions

The following list represents the most common hip conditions that can be treated with Regenexx Procedures. If your condition is not below, contact us or fill out the Regenexx Candidate Form with any concerns or questions regarding your viability as a patient.

  • Arthritis
  • Avascular Necrosis
  • Bursitis
  • Osteonecrosis
  • Labral / Labrum Tear
  • Tendinopathy

Why Stem Cell Therapy Instead of Hip Replacement Surgery

If you know someone who has had hip replacement surgery, hip resurfacing or other hip surgery, you’ve seen how challenging the recovery can be. The rehabilitation and discomfort can last for months, not to mention, the surgery itself causes anxiety and often its own complications. 

Regenexx Procedures are proven to relieve pain and improve mobility without the challenges of surgery. In fact, our patients usually are back on their feet the same day as their procedures.

Why Regenexx Procedures Are Effective

Stem Cell Treatments

Same-Day Stem Cell Procedures

What are stem cells? They’re cells from your body that not only renew themselves but also can convert themselves into other cells. This process is known as differentiation. Stem cells can be found in a variety of tissues, and our bodies use them to repair injured areas. When we get older or suffer traumas or major injuries, stem cells may not be as readily available to help us heal the damaged tissues. Our patented Same-Day Stem Cell Procedures resolve this issue by taking stem cells from an area of the body where they are abundant, concentrating these cells and reinjecting them into the injured area so that they can stimulate healing.

These procedures work well on a variety of conditions, including arthritis, injuries, and other issues that are too severe to respond to our platelet rich plasma or platelet lysate treatments.

Blood Platelet Treatments

Super Concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma and Advanced Platelet Lysate Procedures

Regenexx offers two platelet injection procedures – Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet Lysate Treatments – that enhance your body’s natural healing process by adding healing growth components from your own blood to your injured areas. PRP, in particular, is effective in repairing muscle, ligament, tendon, and joint injuries. The platelet injection treatments work with your stem cells, encouraging and supporting their efforts to heal damaged tissues, especially those related to spine conditions, arthritis and soft tissue injuries. Our advanced platelet procedures are superior to the ones provided at most regenerative medicine clinics because our machines yield purer and more concentrated platelet samples.

A Regenexx Patient Shares Her Hip Procedure Story

Free Report: 10 Rarely Discussed Facts About Joint Replacement Surgery

Knee and hip replacement surgeries come with many risks and complications. Several years ago we queried the National Sampling System for Medicare and found that in the year 2008 alone, there were 17,500 serious complications related to knee replacement surgery resulting in 5,000 patient deaths.

If joint replacement is an option for you, please take the time to read this report. These 10 facts come from the Regenexx website. Our goal is to provide information that will help you make the right choice for you.

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