The Complete Guide to Non-Surgical Regenerative Orthopedics

Everything you need to know about interventional alternatives to orthopedic surgery. 

Change is necessary when it comes to the traditional approach to orthopedics and pain management. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of chronic pain in the country as one study found that 126 million people suffer from some sort of pain within the last 3 months. Of that 126 million, 40 million reported having pain every day and 20 million have pain that limits their activities or ability to work. 

In the past, standard treatments for musculoskeletal injuries to joints, tendons, ligaments, muscle, and bone have been primarily focused on opioid narcotics, anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), cortisone injections, ablation (burning) of nerves, and surgeries. These strategies come with potentially serious adverse effects, mediocre results, and in many cases, even worsen the original problem. 

The world is in desperate need of newer, better, and safer strategies. This is where non-surgical regenerative orthopedics comes into the picture. 

In this guide, we will cover: 

  • The Definition of Interventional Non-Surgical Regenerative Orthopedics 
  • Who Regenexx Is
  • Orthobiologics
  • Why Non-Surgical Regenerative Orthopedics Is the Best Alternative to Surgery
  • An Overview of Our Procedures
  • Potential Complications
  • Areas That Can Be Treated
  • Whether Interventional Non-Surgical Regenerative Orthopedics Is Right for You
  • And More!

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