Regenexx® Next-Generation Platelet Lysate and Super Concentrated Platelet (Scp) Rich Plasma Procedures

Our Blood Platelet Treatments Outperform Typical Platelet Concentrations by up to 40 times. These Procedures Help Patients Suffering from Overuse Conditions, Soft Tissue Injuries, Spine Pain and Moderate Degenerative Conditions.

At Regenexx, we place patient results at the top of our priority list. By spending the extra time and effort to produce personalized blood platelet solutions for our patients, we deliver more effective, pure and concentrated platelet mixtures.

Both Platelet Lysate Injection and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments use healing growth components taken from a patient’s own blood. These components enhance the body’s natural repair capabilities by stimulating the existing stem cells in the treated area.

Why Regenexx-SCP Is the Pinnacle of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

egenexx-SCP treats patients with tendonitis, joint pain, and ligament or tendon problems caused by injury or overuse. This non-surgical blood platelet procedure is a superior form of the more commonly used platelet rich plasma (PRP) injection, and it costs less than more involved stem cell procedures. It is often used to treat injuries and conditions that are not extreme cases. 

PRP injections are becoming more commonplace among orthopedic doctors for the treatment of injuries to joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles because the concentrated blood platelets have healing growth components that accelerate the body’s repair system.

However, the majority of the clinics that provide this type of treatment use a one-size-fits-all centrifuge to process the patient’s blood. These machines result in PRP that yields platelet counts that are three to five times a patient’s normal count while retaining a fairly elevated number of white and red blood cells. These could induce more inflammation at the injection site. 

Stem cells are a vital element to help the body repair its own damaged tissue, so we look for ways to naturally encourage a patient’s stem cells to be more efficient and effective.

What Makes Regenexx-SCP Better than the Basic Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

The SCP in Regenexx-SCP means Super Concentrated Platelets. This injection procedure is an improvement over the traditional approach performed by most clinics due to our superior technique and technology. Our PRP is much purer and more concentrated than that created with an automated centrifuge because our Regenexx-SCP is produced by a skilled technician in a lab environment and not by a bedside, automated machine.

How Regenexx-SCP Increases Platelet Concentrations

Most clinics’ bedside centrifuges multiply the sample’s platelet count between two and five times. Generally, though, the actual count is closer to two to three times the usual number of platelets. Regenexx-SCP’s more skilled procedure ups the count by 10 to 20 times and sometimes even 40 times the typical platelet count. Our lab tests indicate that an increase in platelets improves the stem cells’ ability to repair a patient’s damaged tissue.

Why Regenexx-SCP Decreases Contamination by White and Red Blood Cells

While bedside centrifuges do the required work to yield concentrated platelets, they aren’t as well-equipped to remove white and red blood cells from the mixture. These blood cells, according to our lab tests, tend to hamper the performance of the mixture’s stem cells and could make the damaged area more inflamed. In this photo, you can compare the two PRP samples, one from Regenexx-SCP and the other from the more commonly used centrifuge. The Regenexx sample’s amber color reflects its superior purity.

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