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Regenexx at Gold Coast Orthopedics

Evan Musman, DO

Evan Musman, DO is a non-surgical orthopedic physician who completed his anesthesiology residency at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1994. After training, he stayed at AECOM and served as an Attending in Anesthesiology instructing residents and focused on Pain Medicine. He then joined a private practice in Connecticut where he served as the Medical Director of the Johnson Ambulatory Surgical Center and treated complex pain patients. He continued his northward migration and opened Vermont Pain Management, the first, free-standing interventional pain management practice in the state. He was the President of the Vermont Society of Interventional Pain Physicians for over 10 years. After over 25 years of practice, Dr. Musman became increasingly dissatisfied with destructive/ablative modalities including the overuse of corticosteroids and became active with regenerative modalities. He joined the Regenexx network of physicians. Dr. Musman’s clinical practice focuses on Interventional Orthobiologics, offering Regenexx procedures, highly specific, precise image-guided injection procedures that use the healing agents from the patient’s own body to promote the body’s natural healing ability. He is a distinguished clinician and physician leader dedicated to the treatment of patients with special emphasis on sports-related injuries, orthopedic, and spinal regenerative therapies. Dr. Musman treats sports-related and other common orthopedic conditions and is uniquely qualified to treat arthritis, complex degenerative disc disease, sciatica, and other nerve disorders without surgery. His clinical skills, empathy, and compassion for his patients have resulted in an impeccable reputation among patients and referring physicians.

Dr. Evan Musman Featured on Miami's Community News

Our Sister Clinic: Regenexx Tampa Bay

James Leiber, DO

Regenexx Tampa Bay

Dr. Leiber is the founder and medical director of Regenexx Tampa Bay. He is a former officer, physician, and educator in the Air Force for 11 years – including personal physician to the vice president and president at the White House. He is an Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Osteopathic Principles and Practice…Read more.

Ron Torrance II, DO

Regenexx Tampa Bay

Dr. Torrance was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, and was 12 when his family moved to Sarasota, Florida. In Sarasota, Dr. Torrance developed his love for sports, excelling in basketball, football, and baseball. He graduated from Sarasota’s Riverview High School as a two-sport student athlete. After high school, he accepted…Read more.

Ignatios Papas, DO

Regenexx Tampa Bay

Dr. Papas is a non-surgical orthopedic physician specializing in interventional musculoskeletal and rehabilitation medicine at Regenexx Tampa Bay. Dr. Papas is a native Floridian and received his bachelor of science degree in Microbial and Molecular Biology from the University of Central Florida and…Read more.

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