Recovery/Post-Procedure FAQs

Your exact post-procedure treatment plan will depend on your condition and other factors, but we usually do prescribe physical therapy, at-home exercises or various myofascial release methods.

Yes. Regenexx® has created our own supplement after conducting lab tests done with human mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and observing their reaction to different nutritional supplements. Your doctor will assess your personal condition to determine your dosage.

Within six to 12 weeks, you should start to experience better mobility and less discomfort. Our ongoing studies have shown that patients continue to notice improvements in pain level and functionality for a year or more.

Your doctor will give you a personal assessment after your procedure, but in general, many patients can participate in low-impact exercises right after their procedures. This especially holds true for those with mild cartilage loss or partial ligament, tendon or muscle tears. In both these cases, full, high-impact activities can be resumed in six to eight weeks.

It depends on what procedure you have and the severity of your condition.

Some patients who have a platelet-based procedure will need a second procedure. Sixty percent of those with mild to moderate ligament and tendon issues, arthritis or meniscus/labrum tears will see significant improvement after just one procedure. Thirty percent will require a second procedure and 10% will have to undergo three treatments. A slim percentage will need even more procedures or a stronger stem cell protocol. We evaluate patients every six weeks.

Patients who have stem cell treatments for torn ligaments or tendons usually need only one procedure. However, a platelet booster may be recommended.

One stem cell procedure for the treatment of moderate to advanced arthritis is generally enough. Usually, a platelet booster is administered after six weeks followed by annual platelet maintenance.