Medications FAQs

Our proprietary Advanced Stem Cell Support Formula was developed to help stimulate the body’s production of cartilage and enhance stem cell functionality. You can buy the product here.

You may still be able to have a successful Regenexx procedure. Make an appointment with our doctor to discuss your situation. If you are taking clotting factors that have normalized your clotting times, you should be a viable candidate.

Patients who are taking blood thinners usually need to quit taking them before undergoing a Regenexx procedure. The length of time you need to be off the medication varies. You should stop taking Plavix for 72 hours before your appointment. Also, your general physician or cardiologist should approve this pause. If you are on Coumadin, you must have the green light from your prescribing physician, and we require a blood clotting test that is in a normal range before we will consider a procedure. Patients who take a baby aspirin daily must stop taking it one week before their procedures. Your Regenexx doctor will give you personalized details during your evaluation. 

We have observed that some types of medications interfere with the proper functioning of a patient’s stem cells and many prescribed medications decrease the number of stem cells a patient has.