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Regenexx is a pioneer in the field of interventional orthopedic therapy, having started offering the treatments in 2005 in conjunction with an IRB-approved medical study. In the years since, other clinics have added basic cell therapies to their treatment plans. Most of these therapies are used for cosmetics and plastic surgery, but some orthopedic conditions are being treated with cell therapies. We are glad to see the expansion of such treatments worldwide. However, we consider ourselves leaders in this branch of medicine and hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to the treatments we provide to our patients. 

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No, PRP uses concentrated blood platelets, not bone marrow, to encourage the body to heal itself.

Our Regenexx-Super Concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma (SCP) Procedure is an advanced platelet procedure that far outperforms the PRP treatments offered by many clinics, which use a bedside centrifuge to produce PRP.

The practice of Interventional Orthopedics is all about delivering orthobiologics via injection to a specific area of the body with the help of exact image guidance. The orthobiologics we use are primarily bone marrow concentrate and platelet rich plasma. Administering these properly demands a high level of skill. The Interventional Orthopedics Foundation (IOF) leads the world as an educational organization in this field in the same vein as Interventional Cardiology altered how physicians began using catheters for cardiac procedures as an alternative to open-heart surgery. Watch Regenexx Tampa Bay’s founder, James Leiber, DO’s interview with the IOF.  

Defined as biologic solutions, orthobiologics can encompass anything from amniotic fluid to a patient’s mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and bone marrow. Our treatments use these solutions to aid the patient’s body in repairing and/or growing back damaged tissues. These tissues could be cartilage, muscles, tendons, ligaments or bone. By injecting orthobiologics directly into the problem area, we can often avoid painful surgeries. We are always conducting more research to discover new orthobiologic solutions for our patients.
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Fill out our candidate form to help you find out what areas of the body may be amenable to Regenexx protocols. Keep in mind that this list is not comprehensive, but it will give you an overall idea.

If you still have specific questions, give us a call at 786-855-4800.  

It depends on a number of factors. Your procedure protocol will be based on your condition and level of severity. Once we have evaluated you, we can determine your condition, necessary treatment and costs relevant to your prescribed protocol. As a general reference, we have devised the chart below that shows the various procedures we offer and their relative costs on a scale. Note that platelet procedures carry a much lower price than bone marrow concentrate treatments.

No, while we have seen occasional MRI evidence of cartilage growth in mild and moderate arthritis, we generally don’t see it with severe arthritis. Regardless, this does not seem to impact the clinical results. Cartilage does not have nerve endings and lack of cartilage is not a source of pain per se. It is the visual evidence that the tissue is breaking down due to an imbalance of chemicals in the joint. That is, too many chemicals trying to break down tissue (catabolic) vs. the number of chemicals trying to repair the tissue (anabolic). Bone marrow concentrate and platelet-rich plasma, as well as microfragmented fat all, improve this balance favorably toward a more anabolic environment.  This process helps to reduce pain and improve function even in most patients with severe arthritis.

While our patented protocol can’t prevent a knee replacement surgery, it can block cells that are damaging the joint, stimulate cells to repair the joint, replace lost cells to maintain the joint, lessen inflammation and increase stability.
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Our same-day treatment extracts stem cells from a patient, processes them in the clinic and injects these isolated cells into the patient within one day’s time. The FDA has approved this procedure. The cultured procedure is a weeks-long process during which stem cells are multiplied. The FDA has characterized this process as a drug, and it has not received approval in the United States at this time. For now, Regenexx performs this procedure in Grand Cayman only.
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Your procedure will determine your length and extent of rehabilitation. Knee arthritis requires three days of intense recovery, then a six-week progression to everyday activities. A brace may be necessary but it’s rare that crutches will be needed. You can expect physical therapy and rehabilitation with this type of condition. 
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As a rule, age doesn’t correlate with the efficacy of stem cell procedures for most conditions, per our registry-based data. The major exception is severe hip arthritis. Older patients don’t see the same level of results for this condition as their younger counterparts. 

Yes, our staff is well-versed in performing Interventional Orthopedic procedures to treat orthopedic conditions and avoid reliance on surgery.
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Call our office at 786-855-4800 to set up either a phone review or an in-office appointment with our doctor.
Find out if you're a Regenexx Candidate

After a personal evaluation by our doctor, we can make a decision on whether this is possible. Among the elements that differentiate Regenexx procedures from other cell therapy is the dosage. Therefore, your doctor will consider this along with other factors to make sure we achieve your optimal outcome. We do have a variety of orthobiologic materials that can treat more than one area during the same appointment.

Your two best options are to fill out our online Are You a Candidate Form or to call our office at 786-855-4800. Both will allow you to schedule a phone consultation with our doctor and to gain information about making an evaluation appointment.

We use a strict selection process and then train our chosen physicians with an intensive, standardized program. Keep in mind, however, that not all Regenexx facilities are certified to treat all areas of the body. Regenexx at Gold Coast Orthopedics is a full-service facility.
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While we can’t share any specific patient’s data, we do gather and openly share collective data on our patients’ results and outcomes, measuring pain and functionality on relevant scales. You can see this data on our Research page and Outcomes page.