Walk and Even Run Again without Painful Surgery

Foot and Ankle Treatments with Non-surgical Regenexx® Stem Cell & Platelet Procedures

An alternative to ankle surgery, replacement or fusion, Regenexx Stem Cell & Platelet Rich Plasma Procedures are the most advanced regenerative injection treatments in the world.

While many orthopedic surgeons recommend and perform tendon grafts to reinforce loose connections between the bones, ankle arthroscopies as a treatment for damaged cartilage or fusing ankle bones to replace lost cartilage, these are painful and may not yield long-lasting positive effects. In addition, after surgery, rehabilitation of the ankle could be a long and uncomfortable process. Stem cell and platelet rich plasma injection treatments – both non-surgical procedures – may be more effective and require less downtime.

Patient Outcome Data for Foot and Ankle Procedures

Based on our advanced treatment registry’s 2015 data set primarily on ankle patients, the analysis depicted on the infographic focuses on those who had, on average, moderate to severe arthritis. Some of these patients also reported instability in their ligaments, tendinitis or tendon tears. A small set of foot joint patients were also a part of this data set. 

View Foot and Ankle Patient Outcome Data

Commonly Treated Ankle & Foot Conditions

We have listed a few of the most common ankle and foot issues below. If your condition doesn’t appear, reach out to us or fill out the Regenexx Candidate Form to find out if you can be treated with one of our non-surgical procedures.

  • Arthritis
  • Peroneal Tendon Tear or Split
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Ligament Sprain or Tear
  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Sub-talar Arthritis or Instability
  • Ankle Instability
  • Bunions

Why Regenexx Procedures Are Effective

Stem Cell Treatments

Same-Day Stem Cell Procedures

What are stem cells? They’re cells from your body that not only renew themselves but also can convert themselves into other cells. This process is known as differentiation. Stem cells can be found in a variety of tissues, and our bodies use them to repair injured areas. When we get older or suffer traumas or major injuries, stem cells may not be as readily available to help us heal the damaged tissues. Our patented Same-Day Stem Cell Procedures resolve this issue by taking stem cells from an area of the body where they are abundant, concentrating these cells and reinjecting them into the injured area so that they can stimulate healing.

These procedures work well on a variety of conditions, including arthritis, injuries, and other issues that are too severe to respond to our platelet rich plasma or platelet lysate treatments.

Blood Platelet Treatments

Super Concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma and Advanced Platelet Lysate Procedures

Regenexx offers two platelet injection procedures – Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet Lysate Treatments – that enhance your body’s natural healing process by adding healing growth components from your own blood to your injured areas. PRP, in particular, is effective in repairing muscle, ligament, tendon, and joint injuries. The platelet injection treatments work with your stem cells, encouraging and supporting their efforts to heal damaged tissues, especially those related to spine conditions, arthritis and soft tissue injuries. Our advanced platelet procedures are superior to the ones provided at most regenerative medicine clinics because our machines yield purer and more concentrated platelet samples.

Treating Ankle Joint Instability, Ligament Tears and Sprains

If you have had an ankle injury, whether a bad sprain or a series of repeated minor sprains, your ligaments that connect your ankle bones together may have become stretched or partially torn. This results in a snowball effect that alters the way you walk, leading to stress on other parts of your foot and possibly to another ankle sprain. The good news is that Regenexx Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Procedures can strengthen loose ligaments and promote the healing of damaged tissues. If your ankle injury is deemed too substantial for this treatment, we may suggest our stem cell protocol instead.

Alternatives to Ankle Fusion, Surgery and Replacement

Subsequent to an ankle injury, infection or trauma, osteoarthritis may develop. The articular cartilage, acting as a protective barrier between your bones, is usually smooth and fibrous. As this cartilage breaks down or is lost completely, arthritis comes into play, and the space between your bones lessens. We can see this early symptom of ankle osteoarthritis on an X-ray.   

The once smooth and thick cartilage thins and grooves form. In response, the bones around the cartilage grow thicker, protrude outward and create spurs. Synovium, the membrane that creates a viscous fluid that nourishes your cartilage and keeps it slippery, flares up and thickens. You may experience more swelling if the synovium produces more fluid than necessary.

This degenerative disease can often be tended to without relying on fusion, replacement or surgery – or the rehab that comes with those procedures. Regenexx Stem Cell and PRP procedures could relieve pain and enable patients to walk out of the clinic with little or no downtime.

Regenexx® Patient Success Stories